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Gary E. Kilpatrick

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Gary E. Kilpatrick, PE, NSPE, NAFE

When you think of Gary, know that he is a:

  • Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Forensic Engineer
  • Machine Design Engineer
  • Manufacturing and Process Engineer
  • OSHA Safety Engineer Certified in 29CFR1910 and 1928
  • Motorcyclist and ATV Expert, Rider and Enthusiast
  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction Engineer


Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University (Emphasis in Machine Design and Design Safety) Class of 1990.

Licensed Professional Engineer in 12 states and the District of Columbia currently: NC, SC, VA, WV, GA, FL, TN, NJ, MI, MD, LA, MS and Washington DC.

Traffic accident reconstruction engineer and expert concerning motor vehicles and commercial heavy trucks.

Motorcycle expert in accident reconstruction, motorcycle safety and product defect and failure analyses. Avid motorcycle rider and enthusiast for over 30 years. Has logged thousands of hours of off-road aggressive motocross style trail riding. Card carrying member of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and the Harley Owners Group (HOG).

ATV expert in accident reconstruction, ATV safety and product defect and failure analyses. Avid ATV rider and enthusiast for several years. Member of the All-Terrain Vehicle Association (ATVA).

OSHA expert in industrial work safety, process machine design and machine guarding, industrial accident reconstruction, machine and manufacturing process design. Mr. Kilpatrick has over 20 years of industrial work experience in industrial manufacturing operations, work safety, manufacturing and process engineering and operations, warehousing and material handling.

Forkilft and Crane expert. Mr. Kilpatrick has been involved in the manufacture of forklifts and cranes and has designed and built cranes. He was a licensed forklift driver and material handler for five years.

Extensive hands-on industrial experience in the automotive industry as a CNC machinist. Was employed and worked for the inventor of the forklift and largest forklift manufacturer in the world. He manufactured forklift and crane drive train components namely spur and hypoid gears, axle shafts, spindles, axles housings, differential housings, transmission housings, drive steer axles assemblies, differential/planet carriers assemblies and transmissions assemblies. Experience in engine performance modifications and engine assembly. Extensive hands-on experience in warehouse shipping/receiving. Has been a licensed forklift driver and material handler. Has nine years of automotive industry work experience. Mr. Kilpatrick currently holds a forklift safety certification and forklift operators license.

Extensive hands-on industrial mechanical engineering experience as a machine design engineer, manufacturing and process engineer, Six Sigma, statistical process control (SPC), process improvement, continuous improvement, cost reduction, quality control, OSHA safety, maintenance and management. Hands-on industrial and mechanical engineering experience in the automotive industry in automotive wheel bearings and automotive drive train components, nuclear fuel rod power generation manufacturing and tooling design, construction related products, kinetic energy punch press operations, HVAC refrigerant compressors, FDA GHTF and cGMP in medical devices, metal and wood working tools. Mr. Kilpatrick also works from time to time as a contract engineer and/or as an industrial consultant.

Some of Mr. Kilpatrick’s design projects include: automatic rod cluster control assembly welding head design for nuclear rod bundle control rod assembly; spring compression fixture design for assembling nuclear fuel rod rod cluster control assemblies; 30 foot long belt conveyor with an automated kick-off mechanism and safety guards; kinetic energy punch press tooling redesign and SMED; enclosed in-process automated anti-corrosion spraying system design; automotive constant velocity half shaft assembly machine and tooling design; automotive air filter rubber flash cutting machine design; forklift fuel tank roller bearing press design; safety light guard design for class-4 laser; engineering support for prototype digital label printing line; hazardous chemical containment area design for the storage of acids, bases and oxidizers; below-the-hook lifting device design analyses used on gantry cranes; personal protective equipment human harness and lanyard testing and design evaluation; two machine 4-axis CNC work cell design; drill bit machining cell design; assisted in the redesign of HVAC compressor bodies for more efficient work holding for scrap reduction; redesigned machining center work holding clamps to match HVAC body redesign for scrap reduction; robot end effector re-design for loading mechanism of an automatic automotive ABS pulser ring assembly press; manufacturing process design incorporating a Lindberg homo steam tempering furnace with supporting equipment for the application of high temperature dark blue ferric oxide surface treatment for high speed steel drill bits which include the design and installation of an 60 foot long overhead structural steel monorail gantry crane for lifting furnace payloads; testing apparatus to run experiments and gather transient heat transfer data in the form of Temperature vs. Time in order to generate temperature tables and graphs for the analysis of data to determine the overall heat transfer coefficients and heating transfer time transients of various heat transfer cements during startup heat flow; developed operator’s manuals for processes; extensively involved in OSHA safety and safety auditing.

Safety committee member. Extensively involved in OSHA safety and safety auditing. Responsible for employee safety and OSHA regulation requirements.

Mr. Kilpatrick has extensive experience in quality management and quality assurance. Had supervisory responsibilities. Responsible for an ISO quality system, quality manual and other similar documentation and files. Involved in PPAP for special automotive customers. Made changes and updates to the quality system as needed. Acted as ISO management representative. Was a certified quality auditor; managed and performed monthly internal quality audits on quality system elements. Lead and motivated employees to quality check their product. Performed first article inspections with report documentation for both customers and employees utilizing company measuring equipment. Created, followed up, closed and filed quality action plans, corrective action reports, preventive action reports, continuous improvement reports and other similar documentation. Managed a maintenance program. Managed and documented all maintenance activities and schedules. Managed the installation of all purchased machinery. Managed all facility related matters concerning building maintenance, HVAC and electric utilities. Acted as resident company engineer in all engineering matters including plant engineering, machine and tool design and OSHA 29CFR1910 safety audits and OSHA regulations. Created and distributed plant facility evacuation charts. Performed safety audits on all plant facilities and equipment including kinetic energy punch presses, hydraulic presses, automatic laser cutting machines, vibratory media deburring and cleaning equipment; press brakes, automatic robotic welding machines, CNC machining centers and hazardous chemicals including water based metal cutting coolants and petroleum based oils. Managed the distribution of MSDS and audited all MSDS books. When a safety issue was found, the safety issue was eliminated.

Investigated over 125+ cases involving (a partial list of cases are):
Traffic Accident Reconstructions: including accident root cause analysis, product defect and failure analysis, vehicle velocity determination, dynamic motor vehicle crash data report retrieval (CDR) and report analysis, heavy truck accidents, school bus accidents, airbag deployment issues, axle shaft failure, tire failure accidents, suspension system failure, motor vehicle suspension coil spring compressor tool failure, lamp filament analysis, motor vehicle inspections; the creation of computer based dynamic motor vehicle crash simulations videos;
Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction: including accident root cause analysis, product defect and failure analysis, engine failure; engine throttle failure; steering failure, brake failure, voltage regulator failure, tire failure, lamp filament analysis, drive train guarding failure, primary chain drive failure, the creation of computer based dynamic motor vehicle crash simulations videos;
ATV/ROHV Accident Reconstruction: including accident root cause analysis, and product defect and failure analysis, roll-over accidents, location of center of mass, misuse of ATV accident, engine throttle accident, engine carburetor failure, accident caused by engine recoil starter; the creation of computer based dynamic ATV crash simulations videos;
Lawn Equipment Accident Reconstruction: including accident root cause analysis, product defect and failure analysis, lawn mower machine guarding accidents; walk behind soil aerator accidents;
Gymnasium Exercise Equipment Accident Reconstruction: exercise machine accidents, free weight accidents;
Industrial Accident Reconstruction: including accident root cause analysis, product defect and failure analysis, machine guarding accidents, poultry processing equipment accidents, fabric rollup machine accidents, conveyor accidents, forklift accidents, warehouse accidents, loading dock accidents, scaffolding failure accidents, ladder failure accidents, forklift accidents, manlift accidents, crane accidents, power hand tool accidents, power hand saw accidents, power line tower structural failure accidents, rug hanger failure, motor vehicle suspension coil spring tool failure, production wood working machine accidents, sand blaster accidents, guard house truck accident, escalator accidents, amusement park ride accidents, walk behind soil aerator accidents.
Crane Accident Reconstruction: including accident root cause analysis, product defect and failure analysis, below-the-hook lift device failure during a load test;
Forklift Accident Reconstruction: including accident root cause analysis, product defect and failure analysis, automatic storage and retrieval system accident, order picker forklift/swing reach forklift accident, electric pallet jack accidents, forklift loading flatbed truck accidents,
Manlift Accident Reconstruction: including accident root cause analysis, product defect and failure analysis, scissor manlift accident analysis;

Submitted written reports in both state and federal court cases. Testified as an expert witness in both deposition and trial.

Contract and consulting engineer to industry.
Product development engineer.

Mr. Kilpatrick has prepared and given presentations on forensic engineering topics to professional engineering societies, community colleges, university student engineering societies, paralegal associations, and casualty insurance adjusters. Mr. Kilpatrick has written technical papers some of which have been peer reviewed.